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Himalayan Pink Crystal Rock Salt / Culinary Salt - Special Offer!! Buy 1 Get 1 FREE

Himalayan Pink Crystal Rock Salt / Culinary Salt - Special Offer!! Buy 1 Get 1 FREE


Culinary Salt 100% Natural - 1000gms Stand-up Pouch

:  at  £5.99  each

Contents:  100% Natural Crystal Salt
Weight   :  1000gms
Himalayan Crystal Salt
Himalayan crystal salt is most beneficial, cleanest salt available on this planet, where the energy of sun has dried up the original primeval sea, millions of years ago. This crystal salt is pure, unpolluted, contains no impurities from environmental pollution.
Every bag of Himalayan crystal salt has been extracted from the mine by hand. As a long standing tradition, salt is hand selected, crushed, hand washed and sundried. This natural method of mining assures the original vibration pattern, the inherent stored energy within the crystal, their essential elements, remain fully intact and vital. In this natural and holistic form the crystal salt is of supreme bio-energetic quality.
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